Sunday, February 27, 2011

Its been a while....

So it has been a while sense I have posted something, but i think I'm back in the blogging spirit. I'm having allot of fun in this new state, I have plenty new friends. It is insanity of the amount of snow days we have here in Virginia. We have had like I don't know probably 6, but it is ok because i have enjoyed every extra minute of the time with my family. I'm enjoying my new school, we just went to the school sock hop the other night. It was so so much fun. I was selling some bows there that i had made for a fundraiser. We went there with 36 and left with 6! I had been nervous for the first 20 minutes or so, but then they started to sell like hot cakes. So as you may imagine that was fun, but not as fun as the things  my family and I do on the weekends. every other weekend we go out and look at some cool houses with awsome basments. Not to long ago we went to my dad's friend's house. It was so much fun we played pinpong and air hockey and wii! That was the most fun i had here so far. Other then that weekend we usually just go look at houses and have some lunch together. Sometimes We go out to the mall with a cheer mom and my sisters friend from cheer. It has been so much fun here, But i hope to visit California soon!!!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Creative Side...

So everyone has something they love to do, mine is making...crafts I guess you can say. (I also love to sing) So anyways when I create I guess you can say I just go with the flow and go along with it. If I mess up I find something to do with it. I just love doing it it brings me " joy ". I love doing it and hope to do another craft soon. Here are some bird houses I made that my mom and dad helped me design for Valentines day. The small one my dad helped me on he painted happy valentine on it, I did the rest. first I painted the small one. I messed up on the paint on the bottom so that is what the buttons are there for. Then I tried to glitterise it by making a glitter border, then I tried to write happy valentines day on it, but it did not work. So I smeared it and had my dad paint happy valentine on it. That one is my favorite. On the other well my mom did most of that she did the paper and the glitter, I did the buttons on the roof. They were both very fun to make, and I love doing crafts with my family.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

just another day...

Today was interesting, well not really. I mean we really didn't do anything. I had fun though. My family is so funny, we have lots of fun every day. We went to dinner at Buffalo wild wings. It was very fun. There was a trivia game and my dad and I were a team and my mom and sister were a team.We blew them away. this was such a fun day.

Hapy new year!

In less then 30 minutes it will be a new year. 2011 is coming quick. I'm happy 2010 is ending it has been a rough year,BUT ITS OVER NOW! Happy new year 2011. I cant wait for the new year to start. Tomorrow morning is a new day, a new year.
We have moved across the country and I will be missing my old friends this year but am so excited about making new friends here!