Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Creative Side...

So everyone has something they love to do, mine is making...crafts I guess you can say. (I also love to sing) So anyways when I create I guess you can say I just go with the flow and go along with it. If I mess up I find something to do with it. I just love doing it it brings me " joy ". I love doing it and hope to do another craft soon. Here are some bird houses I made that my mom and dad helped me design for Valentines day. The small one my dad helped me on he painted happy valentine on it, I did the rest. first I painted the small one. I messed up on the paint on the bottom so that is what the buttons are there for. Then I tried to glitterise it by making a glitter border, then I tried to write happy valentines day on it, but it did not work. So I smeared it and had my dad paint happy valentine on it. That one is my favorite. On the other well my mom did most of that she did the paper and the glitter, I did the buttons on the roof. They were both very fun to make, and I love doing crafts with my family.

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